[Bf-committers] Inconsistency between 3D view panning with mouse vs. trackpad

Engel Sanchez engel.sanchez at gmail.com
Sun Feb 24 20:16:12 CET 2013

Hi again Ton, and the rest of the gang.  This is a follow up to an exchange
I had with Ton when I tried to open a bug against 2.66:


I'm trying to demonstrate that the trackpad behavior in 2.66 when it comes
to panning in the 3D view is inconsistent with other parts of Blender.
Specifically, that it behaves in the exact opposite way to the mouse if you
are a default user that has not set Natural scrolling in OS X and there is
no configuration to make them consistent.  Panning with the mouse goes one
way, but panning with the trackpad does the exact opposite. See here:


I would like to volunteer to fix this, but as it is a UI issue, first I
would like to have a discussion so we can all understand whether it is a
real problem or not. If someone shows me how a user could configure this
away, I'm good. If the argument is to make the code easier even if it
confuses the users, I'm willing to do the work and manage the hordes of
trackpad users until the issue is resolved.

But please, please, don't just quickly disregard this as just a single user
with his particular way of doing things without at least looking at my
video and exchanging some arguments with me.

And I'd like to point out that with 2.66 is the first time EVER that I feel
like I could operate Blender from a Trackpad without a 3 button mouse. That
is huge!! Thanks!! This is but one small tweak towards perfection.


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