[Bf-committers] Rigify addon causes error, error, error,....

IRIE Shinsuke irieshinsuke at yahoo.co.jp
Sun Feb 17 04:51:03 CET 2013

Hi Nathan,

Your recent commit (r4286) introduced a bug in poll() of the new
"Rigify Dev Tools".  It causes an error every time UI is updated:

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/home/irie/build/blender2.6/cmake/bin/2.65/scripts/addons/rigify/ui.py", line 206, in poll
    return obj.mode == 'EDIT_ARMATURE'
NameError: global name 'obj' is not defined

The following patch fixes it:

Index: release/scripts/addons/rigify/ui.py
--- release/scripts/addons/rigify/ui.py (revision 4288)
+++ release/scripts/addons/rigify/ui.py (working copy)
@@ -203,7 +203,7 @@
     def poll(cls, context):
-        return obj.mode == 'EDIT_ARMATURE'
+        return context.mode == 'EDIT_ARMATURE'
     def draw(self, context):
         r = self.layout.row()

Anyway, I don't understand why you did such big changes in Bcon4...


IRIE Shinsuke

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