[Bf-committers] Weight paint: display unreferenced verts in black instead of blue ?

Gaia gaia.clary at machinimatrix.org
Thu Feb 14 09:59:33 CET 2013

Hi, Campbell;

So i have to ask back: Where would it be bad to get a visual
information about unreferenced vs. referenced verts  using
the black/blue color code ?

There are situations where knowing if a vertex is referenced
(even with zero weight) becomes relevant. It can even be
wanted that verts are members of a vertex group but weighted
to zero (or almost zero). And in such a case cleaning up low/zero
weighted vertices with blender cleanup tool might be not practical.
And seeing them all in blue doesn't help either.

One case where it is mandatory to have each vertex be placed in
at least one vertex group is when it comes to create items for
game engines outside of Blender. Yes, we already have added a
lot of helper tools to our own addons for finding unreferenced
verts, visualising them, forbid to export partially unweighted
meshes, etc.

However getting this little extra visual control would help as well.


On 14.02.2013 03:04, Campbell Barton wrote:
> On Thu, Feb 14, 2013 at 12:32 PM, Gaia <gaia.clary at machinimatrix.org> wrote:
>> Hi;
>> This is about weight painting in blender compared to
>> weight painting in Maya:
>> In Maya:
>> Maya displays locations in black if the corresponding verts
>> are NOT member of the active vertex group. All  other parts
>> are displayed as usual (blue to red)
>> Maya also supplies a delete from group brush which allows
>> to remove verts from the current vertex group.
>> Both features are very intuitive and easy to use as far as i
>> can tell after playing a bit with it.
>> ====
>> In blender:
>> Vertices which are not in the active vgroup and zero weighted
>> vertices are both displayed in blue. The only method (that i know)
>> to find out which verts are members of the current
>> vertex group is:
>> - go to edit mode
>> - unselect all verts
>> - select all verts from the current vertex groups.
>> If you want to know which verts are weighted to 0:
>> - go to weight paint mode
>> - enable vertex select mask
>> Now you can see all verts in the groups displayed as yellow
>> dots. If you want to remove verts from the group:
>> - go back to edit mode
>> - select the verts you want to remove
>> - remove from current group
>> ====
>> What do you think about adding such a feature to Blender as well ?
>> cheers,
>> Gaia
> What is the reason you are concerned with which vertex is in a group or not?
> The typical work-flow for blender treats zero weighted verts the same
> as verts which aren't in the group.
> You can do your weight painting, then run 'Clean' tool to remove zero
> weight verts (to be a little more efficient).
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