[Bf-committers] What is the status of YoFrankie?

Sinan Hassani sinan.hassani at gmail.com
Wed Feb 13 19:22:58 CET 2013

No 'exclusivity' with respect to the engine. As soon as a demo is 
release publicly, all code has to be released under GPL back to the BGE. 
Probably as patches for code review, not direct svn commits.

When it comes to the content and assets, part of the deal my include 
creating new python scripts, assets, levels, blend files, etc that would 
have to be exclusive to Intel for about 6 months. That extra content 
would have its own license for redistribution during that period. After 
the period is over, I have to make sure the deal I have with Intel would 
allow the content to be licensed back to the public.

So details still have to be worked out to see if this is possible with 
YoFrankie! license.

We will also take special care to make sure we don't use any logos (no 
Blender logos, YoFrankie! logos, etc). Only attribution in the start-up 
screen will be given.


On 13-02-13 12:42 PM, Tom M wrote:
> Hi,
> I'd certainly recommend using Yo Frankie.  It has proven assets,
> proven game logic, etc.  So the amount of time you need to 'get up to
> speed' is much less.  Mostly just making sure things work well with a
> touch UI, and perhaps some work to improve quality.  You might also
> want to see if Pablo (who did a lot of the character and asset
> creation) is available.
> I'm not sure how you could manage 'exclusivity' though, since the
> content is CC licensed and the engine is GPLed.
> Good luck,
> LetterRip

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