[Bf-committers] What is the status of YoFrankie?

Sinan Hassani sinan.hassani at gmail.com
Wed Feb 13 02:36:44 CET 2013

To be more specific, Sinsoft can use some of the funding to hire artists 
for specific tasks.

1) In the demo case: hire artists to create a game environment

2) In the game case: hire artists to create new levels using any new 
features, etc

But as I mention, demo is unlikely, game is what they will accept.


On 13-02-12 07:25 PM, Sinan Hassani wrote:
> Hi everyone, here is a summery of my discussion with Intel this morning:
> http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?281528-Intel-would-help-with-BGE-but-only-if-we-have-a-working-game-prototype 
> Basically I have to showcase a game in order to get funding to develop 
> BGE and the game. The discussions are on going, so things could 
> change, and I will report back any changes on the thread above.
> I'm trying to draw ideas from the community for a possible game to 
> present to Intel. Intel wants a business case proposed with a working 
> game prototype that uses BGE.
> Which is why I'd like to port YoFrankie to BGE 2.6x and present that 
> to Intel. From my understanding, YoFrankie can be redistributed as 
> long as you give attribution? This might be a license that Intel would 
> be interested in as well.
> Initially YoFrankie on BGE 2.49 can be presented as a demo.
> In the proposal I will include: upgrading YoFrankie graphics, port to 
> Intel platforms, and perhaps create new levels with the upgraded 
> features. The proposal has to include adding support for touch API on 
> Ultrabooks on Windows 8 as a minimum.
> Finally, to become a BGE dev, my goals would be to fix a few bugs from 
> the BGE bug tracker. I would not be adding new small features 
> initially for example. This could be my first few patches for BGE.
> Sinan

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