[Bf-committers] What is the status of YoFrankie?

Sinan Hassani sinan.hassani at gmail.com
Wed Feb 13 01:25:27 CET 2013

Hi everyone, here is a summery of my discussion with Intel this morning:


Basically I have to showcase a game in order to get funding to develop 
BGE and the game. The discussions are on going, so things could change, 
and I will report back any changes on the thread above.

I'm trying to draw ideas from the community for a possible game to 
present to Intel. Intel wants a business case proposed with a working 
game prototype that uses BGE.

Which is why I'd like to port YoFrankie to BGE 2.6x and present that to 
Intel. From my understanding, YoFrankie can be redistributed as long as 
you give attribution? This might be a license that Intel would be 
interested in as well.

Initially YoFrankie on BGE 2.49 can be presented as a demo.

In the proposal I will include: upgrading YoFrankie graphics, port to 
Intel platforms, and perhaps create new levels with the upgraded 
features. The proposal has to include adding support for touch API on 
Ultrabooks on Windows 8 as a minimum.

Finally, to become a BGE dev, my goals would be to fix a few bugs from 
the BGE bug tracker. I would not be adding new small features initially 
for example. This could be my first few patches for BGE.


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