[Bf-committers] Minimal Blender specs - 5 year old systems & OS

Constantin Rahn crahn at vrchannel.de
Sat Feb 2 08:19:07 CET 2013


maybe blender should have two specs, like a lot of games have.
There you have _minimal_ requirement and a _recommended_ system.

_minimal_ :  the game (blender) will start, but only with lowest settings.
_recommended_: you can play with high settings (not highest) ... for 
blender: you can use all blender features.

Keep in mind, that you can use blender not only with the UI. You can run 
blender in background mode to calculate things in 3D, or use blender as 
a render master. For that a very minimal spec is enough. (I have used 
blender for that, some days ago, on a one core with 640MB RAM, no GPU).

I have the impression, that a lot of people are scared by the wording 
"minimal", it sounds like the minimum system you can blender run on. It 
doesn't sound like the minimal hardware, that is supported by the 
blender devs.
Maybe "minimal" could be "official supported hardware" or something like 
that. And than a recommendation for a 64bit system, a lot of RAM, and a 
nvidia for GPU rendering (hope the last will change in the future).

Happy blending

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