[Bf-committers] about current "struct WireframeModifierData"

jmsoler at free.fr jmsoler at free.fr
Mon Dec 23 16:02:03 CET 2013

Hi everybody,

long time I hadn't posted anything here. So, just a word : it seems that my
windows C compilator builds most friendly with a little modification in the

/* many of these options match 'solidify' */
typedef struct WireframeModifierData {
	ModifierData modifier;
	char defgrp_name[64];  /* MAX_VGROUP_NAME */
	float offset;
	float offset_fac;
	float offset_fac_vg;
	float crease_weight;
	int flag, mat_ofs; // int builds itself better than short.
} WireframeModifierData;

Perhaps not the thing to do because the executable file runs with an error but
if someone can check this  part to see what is to correct exactly....


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