[Bf-committers] Experimented developer: how are you organised?

geof kgeo kgeogeo at hotmail.com
Mon Dec 23 09:35:17 CET 2013

Hi,I would like to know how the experimented developer are organized to make patches.My workflow is: - make the code and test- git diff > patch.diff- post the diff for reviewThis is ok and not long to do.But when I wait for the comment/review, I want to explore and make other change in other part of blender.- git apply -R patch.diff-make new codeThen I have to change some code in the first patch because of review.- git diff > new_patch.diff- git apply -R new_patch.diff- git apply patch.diffSo it's really long and not practical and doesn't work every time (I've often error with git apply (-R))Is there already a wiki for that?Some easy git command?Script?Thanks.

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