[Bf-committers] sdl/glfw based GUI toolkit for Blender

hewi at jupama.org hewi at jupama.org
Tue Dec 17 02:42:49 CET 2013

@Felipe Ferreira,

Hey Felipe Ferreira,

Is there a specific reason why you have switched to glfw besides you like
it?  I have many messages stating sdl2 would be a better choice and I have
actually been in contact with glfw support team and also they mention
that, for a project the size of blender, you would be better of using the
sdl2 libs.

Also, did you have a planning of your GUI project, do you have an overall
code layout or structure scheme?  Are you using some kind of software
development scheme or did you just "dive in?".  For example: what kind of
application loop are you thinking off/implementing?

Eventually I am just concerned you are putting a lot of effort energy and
time in writing code which eventually might have to be re-factored yet
again.  That would be very sad.

Have a look at :


and tell me what you're input would be there



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