[Bf-committers] SDL2-based GUI toolkit for Blender (hewi)

Arnaud Loonstra arnaud at sphaero.org
Sun Dec 15 12:18:39 CET 2013

On 12/13/2013 09:26 PM, Felipe Ferreira da Silva wrote:
> @Hewi,
> I have already switched to GLFW, and I liked it, but the only issue that
> keeps me from make a github sooner is my lack of experience with OpenGL.
> I'm having some troubles to blit from framebuffers to framebuffers. After
> solving this, I will rewrite the drawing functions of each widget I made
> using OpenGL primitives (from that point, I will make the github). Later,
> find a good library for text rendering. If I get too desperate, I will use
> Cairo (http://cairographics.org/) for post text rendering (get the FBO's
> pixel data and render the text on it using Cairo).
> I hope to finish this before the end of the year.

Well, if you would do it out in the open you might receive some help? It 
doesn't need to be perfect before putting it on github ;).

I'm also curious what kind of application loop you're thinking of.

> @Arnaud,
> About Gtk... well, I am using it, for now. But, in cases like Blender, the
> user (developer), need to know all the functions callbacks of Gtk if he/she
> wants to create a plug-in/extension. Gtk has a bad design for extensibility
> with script languages. I solved it. Add/Get/Set properties to/from widgets
> requires a small bunch of functions:
> Widget_SetInt(Widget, PropertyName, Value);
> Widget_GetInt(Widget, PropertyName);
> Widget_AddInt(Widget, PropertyName, Value);
> This is used for any integer property that belongs to the widget. Easy to
> make a callback for any script language.
> And Qt... never go that way. Free, but only for free purposes. In my
> opinion, I don't think Qt will survive having Gtk as competitor, only if it
> were LGPL.
I have evaluated GTK as well but it's support for other platforms is 
really lacking. QT on the other hand I really liked. To me GTK doesn't 
even come close to be a competitor. My bet is that GTK will suffer 
before QT does. On the other hand QT is a complete framework beyond 
UI's. GTK is not.

You're wrong about the licence issues as Jed pointed out:

"On 14 January 2009, Qt version 4.5 added another option, the LGPL,[70] 
which should make Qt even more attractive for non-GPL open source 
projects and for closed applications."

Also nice to know is that Maya amongst other are made with QT.

Still I would like a seperate 'BUI' project as QT is huge.


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