[Bf-committers] SDL2-based GUI toolkit for Blender (hewi)

hewi at jupama.org hewi at jupama.org
Thu Dec 12 04:05:18 CET 2013

@Felipe Ferreira da Silva

It is quite clear and confirmed that the GHOST wrapper for the OpenGL libs
in blender should be replaced if you write a blender user interface (BUI)

It is not clear and has not been decided yet on what library would be best
to be used as replacement.  At this point there are two best alternatives:
GLFW and SDL2.

I would be very, very interested in any feedback you could provide
regarding these wrapper libs and even more the code you have written to
implement.  I am looking forward in greatest anticipation to the possible
git-hub you are about to create.

@Arnaud Loonstra

I did not say the "libsdl2 are not the best replacement for GHOST", I
wanted to point out "I heard these are not the best one's".


I think we are working hard on getting first code submitted.  Two main

- a full BUI separation needs a full code re-write, from scratch.  before
you want to get into that, I have learned you should spend lots and lots
of time planning and discussing unfortunately (about 80% of the time) . 
So it is normal for now you are getting lots of blah blah and not much
boem boem, but we will get there.  The chase is better than the catch!

- first developement steps in BUI layout: the interface planning


first developement steps in the GHOST replacement: gitHub for implementing
sdl2 planned by Felipe Ferreira da Silva

(Felipe: do you have a guestimated date?)

kindest regards


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