[Bf-committers] Jack audio lib inclusion

Juan Pablo Bouza jpbouza at hotmail.com
Sat Apr 27 20:09:17 CEST 2013

Hi guys! I just write to propose that Jack lib should be included statically in blender releases. 
I know that this has already been discussed on IRC, but I think Nexyon did a great job at porting jack into blender and it's just not fair that this feature is left outside of the reach of people who don't compile blender.
If I'm not wrong, Jack also works on mac, and now it also does on windows. This is just a great tool for video editing and audio based animation.
I know that maybe not all blender users will use this, but by not having the lib included by default we are depriving many people to even try it.

Personally, I use Blender synced with  Ardour for video editting. If someone thinks that this is not a combination to be taken seriously as a powerful tool, I have to say that I'm editing a full length commercial feature film with it. And the workflow is just great.

Well, It would be cool to support this, as a way of supporting other interrelated open source projects too.

See you!

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