[Bf-committers] How much ram is needed for compiling cuda kernels ?

Marko Radojcic sambucuself at gmail.com
Thu Apr 18 13:17:55 CEST 2013


First of all I would like to appologize for a message from badoo website
that was sent by my e-mail address a week ago. I didn't know that website
would spam all my contact. I certanly didn't tell it to.

Now to the business...

I am using Ubuntu 12.10 32 bit.

My computer has 4 GB of RAM and PAE kernel, so it actually sees the whole 4

I regularly compile "my own" version of blender from svn and use prebuild
versions with CUDA and OpenCL support.

Now I tried to compile the CUDA build myself.

Although I have set the variable to use only "sm_21" kernel type, the build
step said it was building for compute capability 1.3, which is fine in
general, but it produces "memory allocation error" - at that moment the
process monitor said that "be" compiler is using 2.5 GB of RAM.

How much RAM is required to build the kernels? - that is my main question.

Is 2.5GB limit within the OS or the build environment ?

I'm using gcc 4.6.2 and CUDA 5.0

Cycles build without CUDA support compiles and runs fine.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

Best wishes,

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