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Emilio Riquelme / Diseñador Multimedia emilioriquelme at gmail.com
Sun Apr 14 13:58:07 CEST 2013

I have seen your achieves, Christofer. Your head camera is perfect to solve
head movement problem. I'll be in contact with you to help you get a face
capture re targeting into sintel's character.

Keir Mierle,
                I did some test in order to speed up tracking, I got faster
and more accurate results with the "loc and scale" algorithm, with square
shape markers as it is shown in the "there's a moment" making of. I think
there's a misunderstanding with the "realtime" issue. What I mean is
realtime tracking and targeting into the 3d world, that is not possible by
now, as you can not set any hardware such as web cams(or any kind of
camera) as input devices in the movieclip editor. Ok, it is a movie clip
editor, but I mention it in order to explain myself.
                Resuming, what I meant is the movieclip editor should be
capable of four important things (in my criteria) to become suitable for a
profesional face animation pipeline:
Set a camera as a input device (and get realtime video streaming).
Track markers points as accurate as possible during video streaming.
Retarget track loc coordinate into the 3D world in blender viewport.
Record track data (just data without video) as loc coordinate/keyframes.

Harley Acheson, thank you very much for the highlights.
I hope I have explained myself. greetings.


Emilio Riquelme, Licenciado en Diseño Gráfico, Diseñador Multimedia.

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