[Bf-committers] Stereoscopy Implementation Proposal

Bartek Skorupa (priv) bartekskorupa at bartekskorupa.com
Sun Apr 7 09:31:07 CEST 2013

Oops, I was so fixed on standard stereo displayed on screens, that I didn't notice what this presentation is about. Sorry.

Bartek Skorupa

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On 6 kwi 2013, at 23:27, Harley Acheson <harley.acheson at gmail.com> wrote:

> Bartek,
>> WRONG! When two view of an object are identical it tells your brain that
> they are ON THE SCREEN.
>> When positive parallax of an object equals the distance between viewer's
> eyes - they appear at infinity.
> To be fair, he's not wrong. But neither are you, since you are both talking
> about different things...
> You are right in that if you present the same image onto a *screen* in
> front of the user then it will appear to be at the depth of the screen
> itself.  Really no different than a normal 2D image on the screen and the
> user can determine the distance to it using convergence.  Your right eye
> has to look a little to the left, and the left eye rotates a little to the
> right, the amount of which your brain uses to gauge the distance.
> However, the presentation was talking about VR headsets like the Oculus
> Rift.  Present an identical image to each eye on this type of headset and
> you no longer have convergence to determine depth.  Each eye will stare
> straight forward in this case and your brain will therefore place the image
> at infinity as was mentioned in the presentation.
> Cheers, Harley
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