[Bf-committers] Defaults Patch (Redux)

Harley Acheson harley.acheson at gmail.com
Mon Oct 29 20:59:26 CET 2012


Long-standing "To Do" item #23538 mentions how most RNA properties are
defaults. So we right-click on them, select "Reset to Default Value" and
they revert
to minimums instead.

I've just uploaded my third attempt at addressing this on ticket #32894 .

The defaults are now defines in the appropriate DNA header where the
structs are
defined. Not only do the RNA files use these defines, but they are also
used in the
Blenkernel files when the structs are initialized.

This makes for a large diff file, at 3649 lines, affecting a lot of files.
This is not ALL
the defaults of course, as that would take until the end of time, just the
most visible
ones on all of the major panels except for material and textures.


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