[Bf-committers] Flame Simulator

Scott Aufderheide saufderh at nd.edu
Thu Oct 25 07:05:50 CEST 2012

Hello all,

My name is Scott Aufderheide and I am a junior computer science major at
the University of Notre Dame. My partner and I are in a data structures
course, and for our final project we are supposed to work with a open
source project and try to implement or improve data structures for that
project. I have been using Blender for just over two years now and jumped
at the opportunity to work with something I love. I wanted to try to
contact the developers so that we may work with you to try to make a
meaningful contribution to the Blender community.

I was looking through the development and project pages and the todo list
and what caught my eye was the flame
I was hoping to get some clarification on a few things though. After having
successfully compiled Blender, we began digging through the source files.
In particular, I've been looking at the smoke and fluid simulator code as a
possible base/introduction to what may need to be done. After carefully
going through it, I feel like I have a good, general idea of what is going
on. At the top of the flame simulator todo page it says, "rename everything
to flame simulator..." and my question is whether there are already files
as a starting point to the flame simulator that I could possibly be pointed
to, or if this needs to be built from the ground up.  Any and all files
that are being used towards the simulator would be a huge help, and again,
I want to try to do this right. As for my own starting point, I was looking
into implementation of the Clenshaw-Curtis quadrature, and while I have
made some progress on understanding the quadrature and how it might be
implemented in other programs, I am still not sure how it may be best
implemented here without looking at where it might be used here first.

I was also hoping to get in contact with any developers who might be
working on this already, if there is anyone working on it. I would rather
work with someone than rush in without consideration to the work that
others have put in already. I can be contacted directly at saufderh at nd.edu.

Apologies for the relative vagueness of my query and I realize that this
may be a particularly difficult selection to work on, but my partner and I
are very experienced with C/C++ and we feel that with the time that we have
to work on this, we can produce something that will be of great benefit to
the Blender community. That is my goal at least: that this project of ours
be something that matters and makes a difference.


Scott Aufderheide and Scott Grimes
Computer Science 2014
University of Notre Dame

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