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On Sat, Oct 6, 2012 at 10:59 AM, Julian Hhhhhh
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> This is just a really fancy way of saying that these points are at the same
> distance to two of the edges of the image. Not more. I do believe that this
> might be a good guide, but it's pretty trivial that it will often look good
> to place important things in an image at the same distance to, for example,
> the left and the top edge. The reason why I would not include that is
> because that is something that is very easy to check without any crazy
> lines. Positioning something at equal distance to two borders is something
> most people are able to judge with their eyes. Very precisely.
> Doesn't help that he cropped off the top of Mona Lisa, otherwise the line
> goes through her nose.
> Just my opinion on this.
> Julian

I don't find it that easy to eyeball something to within 1.5 mm on A4
paper. Really I don't want to debate the fine points of it. I really
feel and think that this is just as important as rule of thirds and we
have that. The rule of thirds is also imperfect. I also think adding
it would be very simple and not take up much room; perhaps I am
mistaken? I have found it quite helpful in Digikam, more so than law
of thirds. Why not add it?

PS A bit off topic but I wanted to point out a book, on this theme, I
just found, read and loved. Michael Freeman; The Photographer's Eye:
Composition and Design for Better Digital Photos. (It does not talk
about diagonals or rule of thirds BTW)
Douglas E Knapp

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