[Bf-committers] Can BGE be relicensed?

Sinan Hassani [email redacted]
Fri Nov 30 22:02:41 CET 2012

I think a license like MIT is too liberal. FSF recommends against it, 
because you lose the GPL advantage that proprietary software does not 
have and can't take advantage of.

So I recommend a license that's GPL like (i.e. open source, free 
software), so either GPL, LGPL or like you said some GPL exception that 
is a good balance and doesn't conflict with App Store agreements.

If BGE becomes compatible with App Stores, I think that would make it 
more than viable for a long time.


On 12-11-30 03:41 PM, Mitchell Stokes wrote:
> I would be fine with a different license, but the BGE is too integrated
> with Blender for the two to be licensed separately. Another potential
> option is a GPL exception like the one used by PyInstaller.
> --Mitchell Stokes

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