[Bf-committers] Search Field for browsing Shapekeys

Bassam Kurdali bassam at urchn.org
Fri Nov 23 18:46:16 CET 2012

+1 yeah, that's a great idea for any list type menu that can grow to
large numbers.
On Fri, 2012-11-23 at 13:28 -0300, Juan Pablo Bouza wrote:
> A year ago or so I asked Campbell to add a search field for adding scene clips in the VSE, cause I was working with lots of scenes in the same blend file, and the rectangle list that appeared when I wanted to browse a scene exceeded the dimensions of my screen.
> Well, now I'm having the same problem with shapekeys... I'm currently using a workflow for facial rigging where I need 50 or more shapekeys. When I need to call the "blend from shape" operator, a huge rectangle appears listing all of the shapes. These is really not practical, and it is a huge problem if you don't have the necessary screen resolution. 
> So, It would be great if a search field could be added for browsing the shapekeys in the "blend from shape" menu, just like there is now for clip browsing in the VSE.
> See you!
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