[Bf-committers] numpy integration followup

Vilem Novak pildanovak at post.cz
Wed Nov 21 19:11:47 CET 2012

Well today I tested various builds on mac including official release build 
and buildbot build, where none had numpy in it.

On windows I tested the same.

I also tried to build numpy for mac with python 3.3 and 3.2, and both were 
unsuccessfull.(so on mac i didn't get it running at all...)

On windows, installing numpy is a simple task, since it is really bundled 
quite comfortably. 

On ubuntu, its super-simple, as long as you have your machine connected to 

If not, I cannot imagine how to do that - because you also cannot check if 
you have all the dependencies.

The idea is not only that I as addon developer have to go through some 
trouble to get things running, 

also possible users of the addons using the lib have to do the same, where I
can see this as a very discouraging moment 

for possible users. Blender has a full python in it, but to build numpy(on 
mac), you have to download & install python, download numpy and try to build
it. then you have to copy it and then you can uninstall python again, in the
case you use it only in blender. - which probably most artists do.



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