[Bf-committers] Thinking about a "community edit mode" for blender

Gaia gaia.clary at machinimatrix.org
Sun Nov 18 17:05:58 CET 2012

Hi all;

I remember there was some attempt to add a multi user mode for blender 
(I think there was something setup in 2.4) The key idea was that 2 or 
more users could share one Blender 3dView and do concurrent editing on 
the objects right in blender.

I would like to even add another thought: Maybe it is possible to setup 
a bridge between blender and an online world, such that you can edit an 
object in blender which is actually located in an online environment (or 
visualize an object that is actually located in blender in an online 
world) . I guess that all of this is far from trivial. But maybe it 
would be fun to start thinking about how that could be done. Or if the 
groundwork has already been done,  maybe it makes sense to make a 
"production ready" tool (Addon?). As far as i know there was some work 
on this done for "RealExtent" a while ago...

Do you have any opinion on such a development ? Does it make sense, are 
there better ways to go, is it doable, feasible ? Anybody working on it 
even ?


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