[Bf-committers] Triangulate modifier

CoDEmanX codemanx at gmx.de
Sat Nov 10 17:57:13 CET 2012

We already have tesselation (tris+quad), and you can turn the quads into 
triangles by taking vert 0,1,2 and 2,3,0. That will give you a 
triangulation like seen in Blender viewport. So why not use tessfaces? 
I'd like to have a viewport option to show triangulation edges, but I 
can't see the reason for triangulation modifier.

btw. I wrote a little script to make tessellation visible why creating a 
new mesh from tessfaces:

Am 10.11.2012 15:10, schrieb Morten Mikkelsen:
>>> When baking with an all quad mesh, the triangulation that is done
>>> internally in Morten's TS might not match the manual triangulation that
>>> the user applies on export, which potentially could cause issues because
> This is not exactly the issue. Let me clarify.
> The mikktspace part is done at quad level if there are quads and will
> always give the same
> tangent spaces at vertex level no matter what the order of vertices or
> faces is.
> This is its very strong advantage which other tangent space calculators
> can't do.
> After mikktspace has already run the problem occurs at a later stage
> because before rendering/baking triangulation has to have been performed.
> So the issue is eventhough the tangent spaces at the vertices aren't
> impacted by how quads are triangulated (since triangulation happens later)
> the interpolated tangent space is heavily impacted by which diagonal is
> picked. Similar to how Gouraud shading is heavily impacted by which
> diagonal is picked. So eventhough tangent space is consistent at the
> vertices you get problems if baker and render don't pick the same
> triangulation
> due to differences in the interpolated tangent space.
> I should mention I am using "render triangulation" loosely here since it
> can happen in a lot of places though for a game it would typically happen
> somewhere in the engine's tools pipeline. Anyway the advantage to this
> modifier is it enforces a consistent triangulation which will be received
> by both baker and renderer (incl. Blender's renderer). Further, this is
> achieved without causing permanent triangulation.
> It's a sensible practice which is already used by artists in other modeling
> products.
> Morten M.
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