[Bf-committers] Meanless using of space in skin and simple deformmodifiers

Mikee Rice mirahal at ya.ru
Sun May 27 03:14:34 CEST 2012

This is not about me, or someone else, but about that third part of space in skin modifier just lost. And what even worse, someone from developers made this by intend.
And my guess you will not find blender user who can tell that previous interface of skin modifier was worser then current (symmetry axes part).

Camblell is not UI module owner, he doesn't must to do something with it.

27.05.2012, 04:44, "Mike Belanger" <mikejamesbelanger at gmail.com>:
> Try running this, this offers an improvement in layout of those modifiers:
> …And yeah, Campbell honestly has better things to worry about, especially if a guy like me can fix this kind of layout stuff.
> Mike
> mikebelanger.ca
> On 2012-05-26, at 7:03 PM, angelo miner wrote:
>>  True,
>>  Its just way to confusing,
>>  how dare you give me something so unpolished for free,
>>  the nerve...............
>>  lol
>>  thankyou blender team(s)
>>  Ill take it however you want to give it,
>>  all it has to do is work(you know that s all)
>>  angjminer
>>  cryblend blender to cryengine3 exporter.
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>>>  I can understand that you have no UI team to handle all deficiencies in
>>>  blender interface, but.... but.. c'mon!!
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