[Bf-committers] Split Collada into a python frontend and a C++ backend

Gaia gaia.clary at machinimatrix.org
Sun May 20 12:47:34 CEST 2012


I'd like to propose and offer the implementation of a simple change
to the Collada module:

* I want to replace the user interface of the Collada module by a
python based io addon and then simply call the internal Collada
module from that addon. (I have this addon already finished)

This allow us to enable/disable Collada like all other io modules.

* I want to add the ability to export a collection of Mesh instances
for special purposes like:

- add target specific checks
- modify objects to satisfy constraints of the target system

The implementation is straight forward:

- Make the existing COLLADA entries invisible

   I can get them out of the way by removing these lines from

   #ifdef WITH_COLLADA
       /* XXX: move these */

   My problem here: When i remove these lines, then i no longer
   know how i can access the Collada Importer/Exporter
   from a Python script since the operators are no longer available.

- Create the python based "Blender Collada" addon

   Just for the GUI. The addon does nothing else (at the moment)
   than calling the Blender importer/exporter (works for me as long
   as the "official" Collada exporter is also available, see above)

- auto enable the "Blender Collada" addon

   I think this is just done by modifying the default start blend file ?

- Also allow to export Mesh instances instead of Objects:

      Mesh new_mesh = object.to_mesh()
      # manipulate the new_mesh
      export it to collada (here we need an access function which
      allows to feed the collada exporter with Mesh objects from python )


I would only need some help when it comes to defining the
access functions from Python to the internal Collada module.
I can do all the rest by myself.

Opinions ?


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