[Bf-committers] Concept bug with Shrinkwrap(projection)+armatures

Juan Pablo Bouza jpbouza at hotmail.com
Fri May 18 15:47:11 CEST 2012

Hi Vicente!

First of all I'm a blender user, not a blender coder :)

I see your problem, and it seems a very difficult one...  For simple deformations the axis choice would work, but what if the face of the monkey was also deformed by other bones or shapekeys? In that case not even a change in the axis object would work, and it would require a kind of per face axis selection..

But well, I've used shrink wrap for very complex situations, like flat eyes moving over the face of a cartoon character and also a complex human muscle systems. What I can tell you is that using projection mode is not such a good idea, it has many many problems with rigged meshes.

The best technique I've found is using the "nearest surface point" mode, and then subividing the target surface mesh with a subsurf modifier. That way, the projected object will move smoothly over the the faces of the other mesh. This technique is 100% effective.

I hope this helps!

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