[Bf-committers] Concept bug with Shrinkwrap(projection)+armatures

Vicente vicentecarro at gmail.com
Fri May 18 01:46:25 CEST 2012


I've been told to post this message here because the bug report has been 
ignored so far.
This is the report:

Anyway I go to explain it again:
The Shrinkwrap modifier configured as projection doesn't work, as 
expected, if the same object has an armature modifier and it's using 
vertex groups affected by bones.
Guess you have a biped mesh, then you rig it. After that you want to 
project a certain vertex group of the biped against another mesh. If 
that vertex group is controlled by a bone you will find this bug, 
because the SW modifier will use the main object axis, not the axis of 
the bone controlling the vertex group.
I have found some workarounds for certain situations but there is not a 
always-working solution. The only way I guessed to solve this bug is to 
add a new field in the shrinkwrap modifier to allow different 
objects/bones as custom projection axis.

In this simple example you can try to move the bone "monkey" to see how 
the projection fails (or, if technically not fail, it doesn't do what is 

Initially I notice this bug cause I'm trying to do a new Anime eye rig. 
But with this bug it can not be done. Notice that the previous pictures, 
using spheres, were only a concept design, but the real eye rig is 
closer to this picture: http://imgur.com/6z519 . And even the eyes will 
be part of the body mesh (we need all the body in just 1 object/mesh). 
So the usual workarounds won't work.

So,  please, could you fix this bug?


Vicente Carro

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