[Bf-committers] implement a new format into blender

Carlos Padial palidoestudio2 at gmail.com
Thu May 17 16:13:23 CEST 2012

Hi there

We are involved in a project with an open hardware elphel camera and we are
really interested in having native support inside Blender in order to read
& write jp4 (elphel's raw file format) and therefore bypass DNG, so we can
avoid conversion (for the time being we need to do JP4 > DNG > TIFF in
order to be able to work inside Blender)

We are seeking for a code developer to help us to integrate this. We have a
little cash reward for him/her.

Nevertheless we are not fully aware about how much time and effort this
task may require, neither the proper way to manage this and effectively get
this merged into trunk.

We know there is two different tasks inside:
    1) to write a C lib to read/write JP4  (based on an existing Java lib
and with full support from the elphel developers)
    2) to implement the new format inside blender to be merged into trunk

we have around 300€ for this now, and we need to know asap if this amount
will be enough.

any developer willing to help us with this?

more info about the rest of our project:

more info about jp4 (brief):

As Andrey (the camera manufacturer) said:
JP4 is really easy to decode - it is compressed as JPEG just with pixels
re-ordered to increase the efficiency for raw Bayer mosaic.

Here is the basics :

The current code we (at Elphel) use ourselves is in Java -

This ImageJ plugin include some other related stuff, so decoding itself is
much smaller. Additional advantage of this code is that it has the most
current MakerNote data decoding - it is needed to automatically un-apply
the in-camera settings (gamma-correction, analog gains) - the result is
linear-scale floating point TIFF image.

uncle entity also points out in the forum:
If there's a (gplv2 compatible) C lib to read/write JP4 it would be easy to
add support to blender.

there is also a gstreamer plugins to do the conversion, maybe it's useful
(i think it's in C):

    the jp462bayer plugin converts color and monochrome JP46 Elphel
bitstreams to Bayer raw format
    bayer2rgb2 converts raw Bayer streams to RGB images

best regards

Carlos Padial & Simon Vialas <http://surreal.asturnazari.es>

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