[Bf-committers] Multi Layer EXR issues

Bartek Skorupa bartekskorupa at bartekskorupa.com
Thu May 17 12:37:45 CEST 2012

Sorry, in r46714 - no RenderLayers show up. All passes from all render  
layers grouped together.
This is how my "Input Image" node looks like:


Bartek Skorupa


On 2012-05-17, at 12:27, Bartek Skorupa wrote:

> Issue:
> In official Blender 2.63a:
> Opened MultiLayerEXR created in blender 2.62 and passes are  
> completely messed up.
> Color pass from one render layer shows AO from another render layer.  
> AO pass outputs Normal Pass from different layer etc.
> I tried to re-render Multilayer file (blend created in 2.62) and it  
> gave me different results, but messed up as well.
> Tried the same in build of today: r46714. Same results.
> Bartek Skorupa
> www.bartekskorupa.com
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