[Bf-committers] Update patch #23942: Add "Delete Hierarchy" function to outliner context menu

Torsten Rupp torsten.rupp at gmx.net
Thu May 17 10:00:19 CEST 2012

Dear developers,

I updated an old still pending patch

[#23942] Add "Delete Hierarchy" function to outliner context menu


to recent trunk, r46710.

Note: the patch summary say "Delete All", but "Delete Hierarchy" is better. 
Unfortunately I cannot change the summary line in the patch tracker.

The patch is still not assigned to somebody who can help to review and 
integrate it in the RCS. Can somebody help to do that?

For your information here again what the patch is doing:

This patch add an additional context menu entry "Delete hierarchy" right after 
the normal "Delete" in the outliner to delete an object and all connected sub-
objects. This is a "convenciene" function. E. g. when a complex object which 
contain a lot of sub-objects is loaded and should later be deleted "Delete 
hierarchy" can be used.

It would be nice if this patch could finally be integrated, though I can close 
it on my side and I do not have to keep it up-to-date manually.

Best regards,


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