[Bf-committers] Delta-Actions inside NLA

Tobias Oelgarte tobias.oelgarte at googlemail.com
Sat May 12 13:26:02 CEST 2012


I searched all over the net and i did not find any information about how 
i can insert delta keys to an action. To give an better understanding I 
will describe the scenario.

I have an very simple "default/normal" action that moves a bone from x=0 
(Frame:1) to x=1 (Frame:40). The I added it as a strip to the NLA. Now i 
create a second action that is exactly the same (for this example). I 
add it as a strip as well and change it to "Blending=add".

Now i have a motion from x=0 (Frame:1) to x=2 (Frame:40), since x = xn + 
xd. Anything right so far and as expected.

The problem starts if i want to insert only the delta information as a 
key. Lets say i go to  Frame 40 and press "Insert Key", then the 
delta-action will contain the key (x=2=location.x, Frame:40). But what 
it should insert is: (x=1=location.x - default.location.x), so that the 
sum of both actions is x=2.

In other words: I want to insert keys relative to the other 
actions/strips that already affect the object/bone.

Is there some kind of hidden feature that allows such a kind of relative 
(delta) animation keying?

To illustrate the issue i uploaded an small example file. If you set a 
key for x, then you should directly see that it is not the wanted 
behaviour in this case. It inserts x=2, but there should be an option to 
insert x=1, since the lower action moves it already to x=1, and the sum 
would be "x=2".

File: http://www.pasteall.org/blend/13873

Would be really nice if this would be possible with Blender to create 
slight variations of existing animations.

Greetings from
Tobias Oelgarte

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