[Bf-committers] Proposal on Default Settings

François T. francoistarlier at gmail.com
Sun May 6 19:39:55 CEST 2012

2012/5/6 PabloVazquez.org <venomgfx at gmail.com>

> Thanks everybody for their feedback.
> That's why I made the page and started the discussion.
> 3D Manipulator:
> I agree it should be on by default.
> Somebody proposed it and I added it to the list because in all the
> courses I give, I find the students (even though I explain and write
> the G-R-S tools *big* in the blackboard I still see them moving
> everything only with the manipulators, limiting them a lot, but maybe
> just a matter of kicking them a bit more :)

shortcuts are usually something coming later in the learning curve, so
that's maybe why

> > 2. Emulate 3 button mouse - I feel this should be on since it doesn't
> change anything even if you use a mouse but also doesn't leave tablet users
> wondering how to work the 3D view.
> +1 on Emulate 3 Button Mouse (I always enable it, and if it doesn't
> harm other shortcuts then why not)
don't know on desktop, but on laptop 1234567890 are for layers if you don't
turn on Emulate.

> > *Ambient Occlusion* to *Multiply* instead of Add
> > taking about bad practice, thats usually one
> AO on Multiply a bad practice?, I don't really know the technical
> background behind this, but I think having it in Add harms your
> lighting (unless you remove it from the actual render, and use it in
> compo), while in Multiply it only adds shadows.
> The AO pass doesn't get affected by this.
(Ambiant * AO) + diffuse is usually the correct practice. I actually don't
know why its not like that in combined. Using it in multiply is usually to
use as a "dirt" map. But I understand the way its used in combined right
now the need to use it in multiply by default

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