[Bf-committers] Proposal on Default Settings

patrick boelens p_boelens at msn.com
Sun May 6 18:33:07 CEST 2012

Hey Pablo,

I think most of those look very reasonable. The only two I'm skeptical about are:

 Disable/Hide the 3D manipulator (clutters 3DView and is "bad practice" for starters)
 X-Ray and Wire display for bones

I think the 3D Manipulator is such a basic, fundamental point of operation and recognition, whether you're coming from Max/ Maya  or are new or 3D, that this should be kept on by default. To a new user it's probably not immediately obvious how to enable it, though when it is enabled the options to switch between Translate, Rotate and Scale are readily available and provide better context to the manipulator enable/ disable toggle and the transform orientation drop-down IMO.

For the bones X-Ray may seem weird or counter-intuitive at first, though it's understandable. I think wire will only make things seem less clear though. Personally I really like solid view for bone positioning as it gives me a good indication of placement and volume of the bone. This may very well just be me of course though.


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> Subject: [Bf-committers] Proposal on Default Settings
> Hi Devs (and curious people on the list like myself),
> As mentioned in the meeting, here is a list of proposal defaults based
> on community feedback from users (both old and new), and teachers.
> http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Proposed_Default_Settings
> There are fair reasons for each one of these changes, if you need more
> explanation you can ask here or in the Wiki.
> Cheers!
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