[Bf-committers] How to implement an "apply modifiers" into the Collada exporter ?

Gaia gaia.clary at machinimatrix.org
Sat May 5 14:15:41 CEST 2012

upfront: If this is the wrong way to ask, then please
advise how to do it right.

my question: I am eager to learn how to implement the
"apply modifiers" functionality into the collada exporter.
Right now i just sit in front of the code and have only a
very small understanding of the program workflow.

My goal is:

1.) add an option "apply modifiers" to the Collada exporter GUI.
       I think i know how to do that.

2.) apply the modifiers temporarily
So that my model does not get messed up.
Here i do not know how to proceed. I found
object_modifier.c so far. But there should be some
function available for:

- applies modifiers to current selection
- apply modifiers to current scene

3.) Also the "apply modifiers" should not apply the
armature modifier if there is one attached to an object...

Is there an example from where i can study how to add such
functionality so that i can learn how to adapt that to the
collada exporter ?

Doing it from python is fairly easy...
Doing it from c is still a challenge for me...
Thanks for any helping hints.


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