[Bf-committers] Should I write an add-on or a patch?

Knapp magick.crow at gmail.com
Thu May 3 07:51:36 CEST 2012

Sorry about the double post, I forgot to comment on Python VS C.

"A modifier would (I assume) be more efficient, since C++ is lower-level
than Python, and I'd much rather use C++ than Python. (I already know the
basics of C++, and I know Java. Python is too loose and not powerful
enough, in my opinion)"

Your opinion is not based on knowing it?? You should learn it!
I have learned like 20 computer languages and python is one of the very best.
It has massive power, way more so than almost any other language.
What it lacks is speed. If you need speed then you have 2 choices.
Go with C or white a library extension to Python in C.
As an example of the power of Python take a look at the intro program
to Panda 3d.
You can program 2 times as fast with 1/2 the bugs in Python VS C.
With C you have low level control and about 26 times the speed.

You C for speed and use Python when speed is not needed or you want to
prototype some code quickly. Python is a great language and it would be
the perfect language if they could get it to run as fast as C.

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