[Bf-committers] 2d mask editor (rasterizer portion)

François T. francoistarlier at gmail.com
Sat Mar 31 10:20:29 CEST 2012


could you provide a OSX or Win build, I'd love to check that out. or maybe
a video on youtube which shows it ?



2012/3/30 pete larabell <xgl.asyliax at gmail.com>

> Hey all!
> I've posted a build of r45292 with the 2D Mask rasterizer in the
> compositor to graphicall.org
> The link is HERE: http://graphicall.org/893
> I'll just paste the description from GA here:
> -------------------------------------
> build with part of new 2D Mask Editor.
> This build does NOT have the mask editor itself, rather, it has the
> mask rasterizer inside the compositor. The masks are rasterized on the
> fly, but all the "curve masks" are hard coded.
> This means this build is *NOT* useful for production, or any other
> kind, of real work. It is only for demostration purposes to get
> feedback on usage in the compo.
> Instructions to use:
> 1.) Open any scene
> 2.) Enable Comp. Nodes
> 3.) Under "Input" class, add "User Mask" node
> 4.) Connect "User Mask" node to a viewer or whatever else
> 5.) You can select from a list of masks (which will be the ones you
> draw in MaskEditor in final version) to see different masks rasterized
> on the fly
> So to clarify, this is just so I can get simply user feedback about a
> few things:
> A.) the Node name, what should it be?
> B.) does it truly belong in input category? does it belong with other
> masks?
> also: This *will* indeed support doubled edges masks, like the Double
> Edge Mask node, once the GUI part of the Mask Editor is completed.
> Right now the mask in this build are hard coded curve data since there
> is no GUI in this build.
> Anyway, I'm excited to show off some work and wanted to get feedback
> from users about those compo. UI. issues!
> Cheers!
> Peter
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François Tarlier

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