[Bf-committers] Blender Sourcerers Competition and a Personal Appeal

Nicholas Rishel rishel.nick at gmail.com
Wed Mar 28 07:20:46 CEST 2012

I just recently browsed through the last two months of logs to make sure
this has not been posted yet, so my apologizes if I missed it.

Blender Sourcerers Competition:

>From the post:
"What is the Blender Sourcerers Contest?
Compete with your skills by making a video about your recipes to help get
others starting into the magical wonderland of the Blender Source
Development. And help others to start
cooking up their own recipes. Or let more experienced magicians see how it
is done the proper way!"

And a personal appeal:
I learn and maintain knowledge easier from videos than written documents,
and I believe this initiative could ease the learning curve of new and
wannabe developers like myself.

Please consider contributing even if you think your workflow is not
applicable to others. As much as this is an event to create content to ease
the learning curve for new developers, I
believe it is just as likely to be useful in figuring out what content is
useful for such an event.

It is my great hope that this contest leads to wide, varying, and out there
submissions, many of which will only be useful to a select few people, and
many more which are useful to
soon-to-be-devs. Even better, if a community came of this dedicated to
educating invididuals in the development of Blender, much like the existing
communities that surround learning

I hope that I might have introduced and swayed a few individuals. :)

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