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Brendon Murphy meta.androcto1 at gmail.com
Fri Mar 23 04:20:09 CET 2012

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From: Brendon Murphy <meta.androcto1 at gmail.com>
Date: Fri, Mar 23, 2012 at 2:18 PM
Subject: re: addons 2.63 dev permissions, addon cleanup, addon 2.64 target
toolkits, external svn.
To: bf-python at blender.org

re: Proposed additions to Release & dev permissions:
1/ Addons in Contrib to be moved to Release:

developer: Brikbot > http://projects.blender.org/users/brikbot/
Comment: brikbot is a talented coder who has maintained several scripts in
svn for some time.
he is also developing an bmesh edge tool addon with multiple useful

developer crazycourier > http://projects.blender.org/users/crazycourier/
Comment: crazycourier has maintained & rewriten this set of tools for some
btrace offers a range of tools for tracing objects & particles & animation
paths. A very comprehensive work.

developer: kgeogeo > http://projects.blender.org/users/kgeogeo/
Comment: a relativly new developer with an innovative well developed addon.

All the above Developers have access to contrib svn already, they would
need access to addons release.
The above developers are helpful & willing/proved to maintain their addons
in svn.
I would also note that the code review process for release can be a little
harsh, sometimes it's not about perfect purist code, but decent, working,
maintained code.
code can always be improved.

re: addon cleanup: bf extensions >
Several addons in release & contrib & upload need attention, either
demotion from release to contrib or from contrib to upload or simply closed
until such time as they are useful again/maintained.
I added a canned response to all bf:extensions pages stating this/warning
of the cleanup some weeks ago.
Whilst many addon writers have update their scripts, or helpful addon
community members have updated & passed on these updates to myself or
authors, many have not updated.
This is not good for users & devs alike.
As i've given several weeks notice for the clean up & need a few weeks to
do, I'll be starting very soon.
If an addon is closed in bf-extensions & or removed from addons svn it can
be re-instated & re-opened very easily if the community or author requests.
Of course if I make an error in judgement, I'll fix that too if my logic is
incorrectly interpereted.
I will be in irc freenode #blenderpython for any discussion you can most
times catch me or leave message & I'll find it.

re: addon 2.64 target > toolkits:
Merging of release addons into "Tool Kits"
Addons that share similar functions should be grouped into toolkits.
Examples of this already are add_mesh_extra_objects, loop_tools, btrace,
curve_tools, oscurart_tools & edge_tools (in dev)
the concept here is simple, to group similar addons under the one _init_.py
& access from a unified panel/menu
already possible examples are > interface extension tools, vert/edge/face
tools, selection tools, landscape object tools, cad object tools, paint
tools... well the list could go on ;)

re: external svn:
hi, some time ago I started an external svn for the collection &
maintaining a list of external scripts.
Mostly because there were several external addons & no way to distribute &
a few collections getting around, we started mismatching versions.It made
sense to use a svn & try to consolidate the collection. this was started by
myself & soon after bat3a.
The collection includes many working scripts, orphaned scripts & many
Upload addons, we try to keep it in an acceptable working order.

External svn Goals:
To enable an easy way to distribute external addons via svn for builds on
To give script authors a platform for developement, testing, svn usage,
distribution & maintence.
To archive broken addons for future & historical reference.
To promote addons in the external svn to Blender contrib/release svn.

External svn & Blender Upload:
External svn is hosted on sourceforge:
Blender upload is here:

There are many addons in bf-extensions upload that we copy to, even
maintain in blenderpython.
What I would like to see & I am happy to maintain is access to sourceforge
svn for all upload addons, as part of the addons system.
Already we are non destructive to the current system using a folde
addons_extern for the extenal svn addons.
This gives authors a chance to use & learn svn, develop & distribute their
addon until such time it's stable & or approved for contrib or release.
I can set this up easily & work into bf:externsions upload page
All the user will need to to do is join https://sourceforge.net/ email me
or contact via irc & they get access.
We do police the external svn in the same manner as contrib/release svn.
the rules are quite simple:
respect others work, keep things working.

thanks for reading this extensive mail :)

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