[Bf-committers] collapse/flatten modifier stack?

Bassam Kurdali bassam at urchn.org
Wed Mar 21 22:04:13 CET 2012

Hello list, 
This has come up before, albeit in a python context: the desire to get
the result of the modifier stack as a mesh. There was some discussion
over the desirability of hard-coded py api, and a question of why not
just use the apply modifier approach one by one.

I've encountered both the use-case and the problem today.

use-case: collapsing the stack/applying shapekeys for prepping a rigged
model for 3d printing.

problem: this is the first 'cannot be done' problem I've encountered:

Multimodifiers (correct me if I'm wrong) cannot be simply applied one by
one: they need to be applied together. And afaik there is no mechanism
to do this.

Is there anything I'm missing? this seems totally undoable, I wonder how
render-engines deal with it?


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