[Bf-committers] User Preferences Option for Multitouch Gestures

Kent Mein mein at cs.umn.edu
Wed Mar 21 03:55:51 CET 2012

On Mar 20, 2012, at 9:04 PM, patrick boelens wrote:

> Ah ok, I didn't know that was considered bad practice, sorry.
> In my mind it made sense to tackle it at the source; "why send a trackpad event if you're not gonna use it anyway" kind of thought.
> I can see where you're coming from though. Are there any other major decouplings/ separation like this in Blender that should be taken into account?


Kind of explains the idea, I think the image is a bit dated but you'll understand how things are suppose to work
from looking at it.

> Then the else if where I get stuck: I can do a check to see if the event was GHOST_kTrackpadEventScroll, but then how do I treat it?
> Setting the event type to MOUSEZOOM won't work because of the UI amonst other things, and I can't just set it to WHEELUPMOUSE or WHEELDOWNMOUSE either, since it received a GHOST_EventTrackpad.
> What would the correct approach be in this case?

Part of the problem is ghost is a bit old and track pad stuff was tacked on later.  It may need a redesign to
get things to work properly.

> Thanks,
> Patrick
> PS: Am I even correct in asking for this here, or would questions like these better belong on IRC?

Both are good places to talk about stuff.  In general you'll get more realtime feedback on IRC and probably
get more done, but you probably will not reach as large of an audience on irc.


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