[Bf-committers] Fund raising and Roadmap of Image Layers for Blender

Fabio Russo ruesp83 at libero.it
Tue Mar 20 11:08:45 CET 2012

Hello everyone!
Regarding my last work on the layer manager, I have drawn up a roadmap and started raising funds for
the development of the Image Layer.
The project is divided for a total of 6 phases, where each stage has its budget.
Each phase addresses a particular aspect, such as: layer management, operations, etc...
List of stages:
Phase 1:
    Stage    : Management
    Target   : Management and operations common to organize Layer.

Phase 2:
    Stage    : Transform
    Target   : Simple operation to change the selected layer.

Phase 3:
    Stage    : Color
    Target   : Operation for the color management.

Phase 4:
    Stage    : Import & Export
    Target   : Import and export in the formats most commonly used layer.

Phase 5:
    Stage    : Tools
    Target   : Paint Tools, Selection Tools, Generic Tools

Phase 6:
    Stage    : Brush
    Target   : Improvement Brush

To further explore each stage, you can check out my blog: http://ruesp83.wordpress.com
Additionally, I created the pages where you can report bugs and suggest new features related to 
image layer.
This project can be developed and improved only with help from everyone! So I can spend more time 
developing the Image Layer for Blender.

At the moment 24,42€ has already be funded! But to make sure that this project will get a boost 
more money is needed. Total needed funds for the project is 3000€ , but the project will be started 
when 500€ has been collected.

Your donation will be used to continue to improve this project.
Thank everyone in advance for your contribution!

Best regards,
Fabio Russo (ruesp83)
P.S.: Happy Birthday Ton! ;-)

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