[Bf-committers] Reference counting, deleting data and fake users

Nathan Vegdahl cessen at cessen.com
Tue Mar 20 01:46:14 CET 2012

> I think the data-loss aspect of this is more important that solution

Arg.  Typos.  Should be "more important than".

On Mon, Mar 19, 2012 at 5:44 PM, Nathan Vegdahl <cessen at cessen.com> wrote:
> Hi Aligorith,
> I think the data-loss aspect of this is more important that solution
> elegance or system consistency.  I agree that simply reverting to
> having actions having fake users by default is not a good long-term
> solution.  But unless we can guarantee that we will have a good
> solution in the very next release (2.63) then IMO we need to revert
> back as a stop-gap solution while we figure out a better long-term
> strategy.
> The data-loss aspect of this is too important to be ignored for another release.
> I am definitely interested in the patch you mention.  Can you give a
> brief outline of how it would affect action management and address
> this problem?
> In the end, I still feel like the long-term solution is to change
> Blender's user-facing data management model to something less
> garbage-collection oriented.  But that's obviously a long way off, and
> so we'll need something else in the short/mid-term.
> --Nathan
> On Sat, Mar 17, 2012 at 3:56 AM, Joshua Leung <aligorith at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I've just finished going through all the arguments about this so far,
>> and have written up my thoughts on this whole issue [1].
>> Here's the summary:
>> 1) I do not think that simply "reverting the default" is a good idea.
>> It the "blue pill option", which just doesn't solve the issue at all,
>> apart from for the people complaining.
>> 2) The discussions about asset management tools and whatnot are just
>> that. Pie in the sky stuff that will not be in place anytime soon, and
>> which still has a look of unknowns attached to it which requires
>> significant developer time. As people have mentioned, we have some
>> other concerns that need addressing first.
>> 3) I propose that we look at this another way, and solve the root
>> cause of the problems with why people are loosing actions. They're
>> creating "action libraries", where they animate multiple actions for a
>> single object/datablock. However, we currently have no way of knowing
>> that those actions they have created are in any way associated with
>> these datablocks.
>> Now, I've seen a patch in the patch tracker which does address these
>> issues. I've reviewed it a few times, and in light of this debate,
>> will do so again when I get time in the next week. IMO, this is the
>> approach we should take.
>> Regards,
>> Aligorith
>> ---
>> [1] http://aligorith.blogspot.co.nz/2012/03/response-to-action-fake-user-issue.html
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