[Bf-committers] Reference counting, deleting data and fake users

Joshua Leung aligorith at gmail.com
Sat Mar 17 11:56:16 CET 2012

Hi all,

I've just finished going through all the arguments about this so far,
and have written up my thoughts on this whole issue [1].

Here's the summary:
1) I do not think that simply "reverting the default" is a good idea.
It the "blue pill option", which just doesn't solve the issue at all,
apart from for the people complaining.

2) The discussions about asset management tools and whatnot are just
that. Pie in the sky stuff that will not be in place anytime soon, and
which still has a look of unknowns attached to it which requires
significant developer time. As people have mentioned, we have some
other concerns that need addressing first.

3) I propose that we look at this another way, and solve the root
cause of the problems with why people are loosing actions. They're
creating "action libraries", where they animate multiple actions for a
single object/datablock. However, we currently have no way of knowing
that those actions they have created are in any way associated with
these datablocks.

Now, I've seen a patch in the patch tracker which does address these
issues. I've reviewed it a few times, and in light of this debate,
will do so again when I get time in the next week. IMO, this is the
approach we should take.



[1] http://aligorith.blogspot.co.nz/2012/03/response-to-action-fake-user-issue.html

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