[Bf-committers] BMesh operator questions

Nicholas Bishop nicholasbishop at gmail.com
Sat Mar 17 04:09:35 CET 2012

A couple of BMesh questions I could use some guidance on:

1. Is it safe to hang on to element pointers after running an
operator? E.g. if I have a BMFace pointer, then run a BMesh operator
that can add faces, but never delete them, is my BMFace pointer still
guaranteed to be valid?

2. Can operator slots of type 'buffer' be filled without using oflags
or hflags? Something akin to BMO_slot_map_insert() I guess, but for
buffers. I ask because it seems like using flags will force a lot of
operations to be linear (relative to the number of elements) where
they might otherwise be constant. E.g. maybe I already have an array
of the three edges I want to put in a buffer slot, but instead I have
to set a flag for the three edges, then internally all edges' flags
must be checked? Unless internally it is doing something to avoid
checking all edges?


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