[Bf-committers] Reference counting, deleting data and fake users

Bassam Kurdali bassam at urchn.org
Fri Mar 16 17:21:54 CET 2012

big -1
I don't think it's simple, and I'm not sure it's even desirable;
changing behavior like this, when the original complaint was that
actions not getting fake users by default, going into a massive change
of design.
there are so many things in blender that need big redesign, like the
dependency graph and library linking/refrencing, that going into major
restructuring of things that *aren't broken* just seem like a ridiculous
thing. Especially as this would be at least a highly controversial
So if you're looking at a big architectural/ design/ under the hood
challenge, wouldn't you please fix the depgraph first ;) ?

> I don't see any big technical difficulty personally. We can just
> modify the refcount increasing/decreasing function to use an observer
> pattern scheme and if a datablock is deleted simply inform the
> observers of the deletion (And the human user if the datablock has
> more users). It will require some interface for the observers too but
> I don't think it's an unsurpassable challenge, even in C :p. The
> memory footprint of datablocks will slightly increase but it's a
> negligible amount of data compared to meshes etc.
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