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Taye Adebanjo Adeyemi adeyemit at tcd.ie
Fri Mar 16 12:03:38 CET 2012

I'm an engineering student who will soon be specialising in computer

I'd like to say that this topic interests me very much as I have paid
attention attention to the progression of Blender's UI over the years. I
have recently began reading a book on interaction design and it is
thrilling to see aspects of UI design being implemented in that mockup (the
use of grids and borders).
I am proficient with c++ and javascript and am working on improving my
familiarity with python.

I will be applying for GSoC and would like to know if this would be
something worth basing my application on.


On 15 March 2012 20:25, Andreas Galster <andreas_galster at hotmail.de> wrote:

> Hi Thomas,
> thanks for the welcoming :).
> No, the changes are no code. I tried to get into Blender development a few
> months ago, but back then I was just too inexperienced with programming.Now
> I'm far, far more experienced (Javascript, PHP) and familiar with
> programming fundamentals, so I think I'll be able to pick up some basic
> stuff in Blender.Ironically though I was thinking about making a HTML5
> prototype of my Blender mockups, since that would be much faster for me to
> achieve.
> So to answer your question: No, this is only a mockup made with Photoshop.
> > Date: Thu, 15 Mar 2012 21:17:24 +0100
> > From: blender at dingto.org
> > To: bf-committers at blender.org
> > Subject: Re: [Bf-committers] Join Blender UI Team
> >
> > Hi Andreas,
> > Great to see you here on the list.
> > Indeed, we need more people, not only developers, but also designers and
> > people who have experience with UI design.
> >
> > Your background sounds promising.
> > The UI changes you did, were they actual Code changes or a mockup?
> > I have to say, I quite like the approach and the UI looks much more
> > organized. Some more infos on how you did that would be great.
> >
> > Anyway, if you want to help, you are very welcome. We have a lot of
> > Interface todos:
> >
> http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Dev:2.5/Source/Development/Todo/UserInterface
> >
> > You can start by doing patches and tackle some of the todos listed above
> > if you like. :)
> >
> > Best regards,
> > Thomas
> >
> > Am 15.03.2012 21:07, schrieb Andreas Galster:
> > > Hi everyone,
> > > in reply to a developer meeting minutes from a few weeks ago, where it
> was mentioned, that it would be nice to have the UI core team refreshed,I
> would like to ask for the opportunity to contribute to the Blender UI, if
> possible.
> > > I've been doing some Blender UI work in the past, although not that
> much, mostly because I couldn't find the time for it. However, I'll be able
> to invest more time into this in 2 months, which is why I would like to
> offer my help.
> > > A little background about me: I am 22 years old, living in Germany and
> I am currently employed as a Junior Designer.Commercially, all I did in the
> UI segment so far was the creation of an icon set as well as two mobile
> site/app designsSo I have to admit I'm fairly new to UI design.
> > > Of course I have a 3D background and my company does 3D work from time
> to time with a generalist approach, making use of C4D, VRay and Blender.So
> I know what I'm doing in Blender (although not all parts, like the Game
> Engine for example), and I also know the bottlenecks, both in and not in
> relation to Cinema4D.Since I'm a workflow fetishist, I started working on
> the Blender UI on my own, making notes how I think a feature could be
> improved, because I hate it, when something is too complicated.
> > > On a side note: I am willing to try and get into development of
> Blender. My last attempt failed, so I'll try to tackle small workflow ToDos
> this time ;).
> > > The last progress images of my personal work on the Blender UI:
> https://p.twimg.com/Amlm64pCMAEi2ss.jpg:large
> > >
> http://d3j5vwomefv46c.cloudfront.net/photos/full/538709008.jpg?key=19201200&Expires=1331842810&Key-Pair-Id=APKAIYVGSUJFNRFZBBTA&Signature=ecTbTm-ElDwV5C70vC0LM6MAaOSghdsx6D6fseF2oo~KKUvIfmr7OXBd0OHRQaT4-lMJv87D077HWlB6KfmhnbVbm4gaS87ssmaiLhBI7HC8f8d4rCKZrDYIPBIx3CSVgm646QiXCq0tBE4KxK6lCTCBll~H3kpz43vgd-rgu6g_
> > >
> > > Note: It's a designers mess ;-).I would be very happy to participate
> in this project and hope to get some positive feedback :)!
> > > Best regards,Andreas Galster
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> > Thomas Dinges
> > Blender Developer, Artist and Musician
> >
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