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Andreas Galster andreas_galster at hotmail.de
Thu Mar 15 21:07:13 CET 2012

Hi everyone,
in reply to a developer meeting minutes from a few weeks ago, where it was mentioned, that it would be nice to have the UI core team refreshed,I would like to ask for the opportunity to contribute to the Blender UI, if possible.
I've been doing some Blender UI work in the past, although not that much, mostly because I couldn't find the time for it. However, I'll be able to invest more time into this in 2 months, which is why I would like to offer my help.
A little background about me: I am 22 years old, living in Germany and I am currently employed as a Junior Designer.Commercially, all I did in the UI segment so far was the creation of an icon set as well as two mobile site/app designsSo I have to admit I'm fairly new to UI design.
Of course I have a 3D background and my company does 3D work from time to time with a generalist approach, making use of C4D, VRay and Blender.So I know what I'm doing in Blender (although not all parts, like the Game Engine for example), and I also know the bottlenecks, both in and not in relation to Cinema4D.Since I'm a workflow fetishist, I started working on the Blender UI on my own, making notes how I think a feature could be improved, because I hate it, when something is too complicated.
On a side note: I am willing to try and get into development of Blender. My last attempt failed, so I'll try to tackle small workflow ToDos this time ;).
The last progress images of my personal work on the Blender UI:https://p.twimg.com/Amlm64pCMAEi2ss.jpg:large

Note: It's a designers mess ;-).I would be very happy to participate in this project and hope to get some positive feedback :)!
Best regards,Andreas Galster

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> Just emailed sergey some links on light reconstruction, but nothing
> jumped out as being great.
> Might be worth checking with keir and the opencv folk for suggestions.
> LetterRip
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> > I've posted on http://mango.blender.org a summary of meetings we had the past days on various development topics.
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