[Bf-committers] proposal: python interface for object statistics ...

Gaia Clary gaia.clary at machinimatrix.org
Thu Mar 8 18:03:34 CET 2012

Am 08.03.2012 16:57, schrieb Campbell Barton:
> Why do you want this?
My special usage scenario is this:

When creating content for an online environment (like
Second Life) the content creator  must be aware of the
derived face count of an object as that is a very critical number.
But we only need an estimate. An accurate number is
not necessary here.

So it makes sense to show the derived face count of the
current object selection. The number of derived
faces for the entire visible scene is less interesting IMHO.

So i would be fully satisfied if the Ve: and Fa: values would
contain the estimated number of derived vertices/faces for
the current selection (in object mode) instead of for the
visible scene.

Does that make sense ?


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