[Bf-committers] Collada Patches in Tracker.

angjminer at gulftel.com angjminer at gulftel.com
Mon Mar 5 17:42:28 CET 2012

the custom properties patch by dias works wonderfully. 
i used it in cryblend. 
and i didnt have the first problem out of it,and none of the
people who are using cryblend right now have complained about the 
custom props not working. 

i have switched to doing an addon but i thought you guys should know 
that one works great. 

btw if you guys do switch to python for collada, the addon i am writing 
is using the same formula's
you have in the internal(with some borrowed from the fbx exporter) 
notably the animation export. 
i am trying to make the output look identical to the internal export. 

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